The Most Fun

You Will Have With Friends in Web 3.0!

NoriGO! is a skill-based, social gaming platform where you can play against the platform or other players to win cash prizes.

Play every day to win higher ranks, bigger rewards, and better in-game perks.

Our Mission

NoriGO! is a skill-based, social gaming platform for players around the world.

Players can compete in contests of skill with winners taking home the prizes.

We encourage friendly competition between friends and community members.

Our mission is to create a premier gaming experience which rewards players based on their knowledge or ability.

We are a natively crypto platform – all payments are handled in crypto!

We are proactive in our regulatory and legal affairs to create a safe ecosystem for all participants.

Road Map




In progress


Presale Page Design & Engineering

Website Experience Design

Website Engineering

Live support

Knowledge base



Trivia MVP Experience Design & Engineering

Token holders only


Support in three languages


Secure influencers as hosts

Liaise with new advisors

Trivia Full Scope Experience Design & Engineering

Non-token holders

Accounts & sign up with lives and badges

App development & wallet integration

Practice rounds

Chat functionality with multi-media & end-to-end encryption

Security features around bot detection

Extend languages

Participant management

CEX Listings

Secure Advertising Partners

Game Types

Player vs NoriGo!

Players compete against the platform itself in PvN games, either individually or as a team.

Anyone can participate without paying entrance fees – the platform and sponsors establish the prize pool.

In PvN games, owning $NORI provides marked advantages both in gameplay and rewards to the players with more tokens.

Player vs Player Coming later

In PvP games, players compete against each other, either individually or as a team.

The prize pool is generated by the entrance fees of the players themselves.

Owning more $NORI does NOT provide any in-game advantages to the players in PvP.

Matches can be played using $NORI or $BUSD, depending on the league.


Trivia by NoriGO! (PvN) is our launch product. It serves as the platform’s core user engagement and acquisition engine. The beta product will launch on the desktop as a browser-based interface. Our goal is to launch a mobile offering by the end of the year.

Free to Play

For Anyone, Including Non-token Holders

Win real prize money!

Players must answer 12 questions correctly in a row.

Get to the end to split the prize with other winners!

Receive payouts in crypto (i.e. BUSD, BNB, and ETH) – directly to your own wallet.

The more tokens you hold, the more power-ups you receive and the bigger your prizes.

Bring your friends to win perks!

Free to play

Tournament style trivia, where the questions keep coming until only a certain number of players remain.

“Family Feud” style games, where community members can engage with the contents of the tournament itself.


Player Rankings

The more tokens you own, the higher your rank is within the platform. Your rank provides access to exclusive in-game clubs, free power-ups, and bigger prizes. You can either purchase the tokens on the open market or win them through contests

Ranks are decided purely by the player’s token holdings, whether bought or won. Each rank receives a variable multiplier as its “weight” when splitting prizes


Power-Ups can be purchased or provided for free to high rank players!

Extra Heart

Choose a wrong answer and survive


Take a real time peek of other players’ answers


Delete one wrong answer from the choices

Time Freeze

Get a few extra seconds to answer


Daily Play Bonus

If users play every day (or whenever the games are available), they receive a resetting multiplied to their weight


Day 1 = 1.1x, Day 2 = 1.2x… Day 5 = 1.5x

If they keep playing after day 5, they retain the max multiplier. If they miss a day, the bonus resets


1.1 1.5

Platform Status Bonus

Frequent play and item purchases are rewarded with permanent, higher platform status which provide in-game bonuses, high-priority customer service, and random gifts!

Bronze 1.1
Silver 1.2
Gold 1.3
Platinum 1.5
Diamond 1.8
Black Diamond 2.2


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